Veteran’s Day Salute: Top 10 Reasons for Military Dating

I’m not cut out for the military. Never was. For me, it’s tough enough following the rules of an online dating service let alone a military service!

Being the demerit and detention leader throughout my school years had people thinking the military could straighten me out. Being the demerit and detention leader throughout my school years had me thinking that was a bad idea. It’s one of the reasons why I can appreciate the calling and those who answer it.

Later in my TV News career, I’ve met and dealt with various military personnel and their families. It is for the most part a most impressive group of people. So what is an online dating blog to do on Veterans Day 2010?

This Online Dating News Guy is armed with his 10 Gun Salute. (C’mon, it’s just online dating, the average American with a short attention span wouldn’t read through a 21 Gun Salute!)

My Top 10 Great Reasons for Military Dating

10. Trust. If you get into a relationship with someone in the military, they believe in partners covering each other’s back. They live by it.

9. Routine. Hot romances often burn out when the novelty wears off or the Viagra supply runs out. Military personnel know how to make a routine work and how to work well together within a routine.

8. Orders and Orderly. If you’re a control freak, military dating might work out well. The person you’re dating is trained to take orders! If you are a neat freak, there’s hope here, too. The person you’re dating is trained to be orderly and to maintain clean living quarters at all times.

7. Dealing with Adversity. Had a great talk with Alex Garwood, a best friend and Brother-in-Law to famous fallen military hero from Arizona, Pat Tillman. We agree that “Adversity Reveals Character” more so than builds it. All relationships have adversity. Members of the Armed Forces have this one covered on both ends.

6. Can’t Cook? No problem. If someone survived for years on the mess from the Mess Hall, what you serve up in the kitchen shouldn’t be a deal breaker or divorce maker. To be sure though, have a microwave.

5. R & R. Members of the U.S. Military are trained to fight and kill. Note to Self: Need to re-think this one.

4. R & R. Short hair or not, those in the Armed Forces know how to let their hair down and have fun when the time comes. A key to success in any relationship.

3. Boot Camp Background. Based on the shoes they’re used to wearing in the military, chances are your military lover won’t have shoe fetish to compete with yours.

2. Hot Bodies. While mainstream America is getting fatter by the day, those serving in the military are in good physical shape.

1. And my number one reason for Military Dating Heroes Give Good Hugs!

Sincere thanks to all (military singles or married) who bravely served in the U.S. Military. And sincere thanks  to those heroes by choice who are currently serving as active members of our Armed Forces. Whether it’s the United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, or United States Marine Corps, we civilians know you do more to make a difference than we know.

I will always remember the sign at Fort Bliss in Texas, “It’s a Great Day to be a Soldier at Fort Bliss.” On this Veteran’s Day, I’m hanging my own little online sign here saying, “It’s a Great Day to Have You Protect Us in the U.S. I hope Your Day Comes Soon to Be Home Enjoying the Bliss, the Love, and the Life You Want.”

Dating in Thailand – Perfect Beaches for Date

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How to Set Online Dating Profile

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Dating Objectivist – Tips from those who Know it

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The 4 Types Commitment That Every Girl Will Experience

As a girl, we are exposed to different kinds of relationship that we can encounter. As a matter of fact, ladies will commit to various types of relationship based on their age. Check out the types of commitment that every girl will eventually experience.

  1. High School Sweetheart

High school years were the simple times of our lives. Getting crushes and puppy love seems normal for this age. Even as we grow older, we will always go back and reminisce the days when we met our high school sweethearts.

  1. The Bad Boy

Bad Boys have an exceptional appeal to women. The ladies know that they are someone who is not good for them but they are like magnets that will pull you closer. Getting into a relationship with a bad boy is a crazy idea. However, women often prefer to be crazy that let the chance go.

  1. The Project

The best way to explain this type of commitment is that the ladies are accepting the challenge that they are different and can be the reason for a man to change. It is so typical with the Playboys. You know they can hurt you but you don’t care about it. You are thinking you are the miracle worker that can give him a change of heart.

  1. Mr. Perfect

There are guys who seem so perfect with everything such a good job, caring, thoughtful and any other good adjectives that you want to add. There is just one problem. Despite all his great qualities, you can’t make yourself fall for him. There will always be that kind of person. A great catch with no spark.

I’m pretty sure you can relate to all these types of commitment. We are women after all. These relationships may not work because as we age, we tend to listen to what our heart says when choosing the right man to love.

The Top 3 Reasons Why People Get Married Aside From Love

Up to this date, there are still plenty of people who are waiting for the right person that they can be with forever. There are a lot of ideas that will come in our mind about dream wedding and the likes. Do people marry just because of love? I bet no. There are a lot of reasons why people opt to get married. Check out the top reasons for the people on why they get married.

  1. The proof of commitment

There are happy couples out there who are not married but living the kind of life they want. Some people would say that if you are already happy, there is no more reason to get married. I guess it’s not how it works. They will opt for marriage just to prove a point that they belong to each other.

  1. Taxes and Benefits

It may sound awful to others, but it is happening in real life. Some people will decide to get married because the taxes and the things they would need to settle will be easier for their finances. You read that right. No love but marriage for benefits is one of the top reasons why people get hitched.

  1. Arrange marriage

I know what you’re thinking. It is old school. Even if you say that it is impossible to have this kind of reason for marriage, it’s just too bad because arrange marriage still exists. It may not be as rampant as before, but there are still some cultures with different beliefs that they betroth two people to be together.

Some people get married, but it is not because of love.  Every individual has their reason on why they will marry someone. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that we always need to think about this before we make a big decision of marrying someone.

The 3 Effective Ways To Heal A Broke Heart As Soon As Possible

Your boyfriend cheated on you and broke your heart. It’s has been done so what are you planning to do next? Do you want to spend months or years of mourning for your broken heart? Get a life. Getting your heart broken is not the end of everything. Consider it as a new beginning so you can start fresh. People will say that it’s easy to say but hard to do. Yes, it is. I do not deny that fact, but it is important that we will not waste our time for some people who are not worth it. Try these effective ways to heal your broken heart.

  1. Replace! Replace! Replace!

Relax! I am not saying that you should go out there and tell the world you are single and looking for someone new. It’s not how it works. Getting a rebound is not the way to mend your heart. Think about this. You lost your love who has been there for you as a lover and companion. You are feeling depressed because the feeling of being alone is new to you. Adopt a dog lady. Canines are the best partner you can find.

  1. Be Busy

Making yourself busy is the answer you are looking for when you are trying to mend a broken heart. If you keep yourself occupied with a lot of things to do, I can guarantee that you will have no time to think about the pain you are going through.

  1. Just Write

We’ve heard about women who often call or text their exes whenever they are getting depressed. It happens. However, why would you still put yourself in that situation that you’ll be embarrassed? He already left you, so there is no point to add salt to your injury. You’ve already lost your heart so make sure that you will not lose face. If you are angry, get a pen and paper and write it down. There will be no regrets later on.

If you can follow these three things, then you are on the right track of forgetting and moving on.