The 4 Types Commitment That Every Girl Will Experience

As a girl, we are exposed to different kinds of relationship that we can encounter. As a matter of fact, ladies will commit to various types of relationship based on their age. Check out the types of commitment that every girl will eventually experience.

  1. High School Sweetheart

High school years were the simple times of our lives. Getting crushes and puppy love seems normal for this age. Even as we grow older, we will always go back and reminisce the days when we met our high school sweethearts.

  1. The Bad Boy

Bad Boys have an exceptional appeal to women. The ladies know that they are someone who is not good for them but they are like magnets that will pull you closer. Getting into a relationship with a bad boy is a crazy idea. However, women often prefer to be crazy that let the chance go.

  1. The Project

The best way to explain this type of commitment is that the ladies are accepting the challenge that they are different and can be the reason for a man to change. It is so typical with the Playboys. You know they can hurt you but you don’t care about it. You are thinking you are the miracle worker that can give him a change of heart.

  1. Mr. Perfect

There are guys who seem so perfect with everything such a good job, caring, thoughtful and any other good adjectives that you want to add. There is just one problem. Despite all his great qualities, you can’t make yourself fall for him. There will always be that kind of person. A great catch with no spark.

I’m pretty sure you can relate to all these types of commitment. We are women after all. These relationships may not work because as we age, we tend to listen to what our heart says when choosing the right man to love.